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About Us

24 years in the Making

BlackHyve is a 24 year long story of learning, experimenting, and taking risks. In the beginning it was one man’s journey through life and then it grew into a team of extraordinary people with the same vision. We know there is a better way to build the homes, roads, and places of work in the world.

Ask an Owner, Architect, General Contractor, or Subcontractor on the state of construction and you will hear; frustrating, budget blowing, schedule missing, and where are all the tradesmen . The builders of the world deserve a better way to live life. We can turn the construction world into a joyful, below budget, on-time, and winning journey.

Valley Plumbing & Heating

Apprentice Plumber


Learn how to work with his hands

United States Airforce



Taught how to deliver results in a structured world

OTIS Elevator Company

Territory Manger


Taught how to deliver results in a structured world

Valley Plumbing & Heating

Vice President


Taught how to build a system of structure to deliver success




Developed a tool to change the construction world


Founding Team


Took a risk to share the innovations learned to the construction world

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