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A Tool for the Superintendent

The Construction Superintendent is all things for the jobsite. Leader, Mediator, Mentor, Safety Chief, Excel Wizard, Cell Phone Burner, and Quality Inspector. Their jobs are the most diverse in the construction world and they literally have no tool dedicated to their success.

  • RBlackHyve’s Flow Board is the tool dedicated to the success of the Jobsite Superintendent.

    3 Steps to put the Construction Industry back in the Production Driver’s Seat

    Create a Plan
    “Plans are worthless; But Planning is Everything” – Dwight D Eisenhower – WWII Supreme Allied Commander Europe
    • The initial plan isn’t important, it will fail 100% of the time. The act of planning is the key. Spend less time making a plan that will fail. BlackHyve’s AI scheduling engine lets you explore different options, examine the scenarios, find the holes in your schedule, and plan for the plan to fail.
    • Produce a full Master schedule 90% faster then traditional tools like P-6, ASTA, MS Project.
    Control Production
    Focus on Flow with Flow Board

    A new Production Agility Tool for Superintendent tool boxes – We know the Master schedule will fail, so use “Flow Board” to agilely govern, control, and forecast production like never before. The Flow Board is fed tasks directly from the Master schedule, keeping them both in sync at all times.

      • Real-time Production KPIs
      • Easily update production and manage Work in Progress (WIP)
      • Identify Bottlenecks weeks and months before they affect jobsite Production
      • Plan’s change, Flow Board is built for change.
    One place, not all over the place

    If you can’t communicate your agile schedule to the production teams in the field then you have failed. The PCB will easily keep the entire project team up to date with BlackHyve’s automated look ahead schedules and weekly recap reports.

      •  Look Ahead schedules with more detail than ever before
      • Provide each Subcontractor with their proper crew size for the activity
      • Provide data driven Production grades to demystify current status of an activity
      • Provide easy to view color coded schedule that any person can read (This is not a P-6 schedule)
      • Scoreboard of Production – Everyone loves a game, show all the project teams how they are performing. Let the competition drive production.
    Project Scoreboard on a computer

    Create an accurate Production schedule in 95% less time

    • Create a Subcontractor first schedule with the BlackHyve Continuous Flow Engine
    • Accurately size Activities according to the Drawings
    • Sequence the work to optimize Production
    • Spend less effort to create a Master Schedule that is more achievable

    Control the Production with Flow Board

    • A tool dedicated to the Superintendent
    • Manage Jobsite flow in one Workspace
    • Prevent Bottlenecks in Production
    • Take action to protect flow
    • Manage Production Debit
    • Identify Risk in Real Time and take action to correct it
    • Live Production KPIs
      • Activity Pace
      • Daily/Weekly/Monthly hourly Flow in WIP
      • Production Rating
      • Forecasted Completion Dates
        • Activities
        • Tasks
        • Project

    Communicate Results to Drive Production Teams

    • Accurate Look Ahead Schedules to Subcontractors
    • Transparent Flow Metrics
    • ScoreBoard – Which Subcontractors are hitting Production Targets and Which ones are not.
    • Manage Crew Size per Subcontractor
    • Manage Work Days per Subcontractor
    • Manage Work Day length per Subcontractor
    • Ensure the Right Team Is Working in the Right Place, at the Right Time.
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