AI Dedicated to Jobsite Production

The BlackHyve Way, Better Together

Built for the Chaos of Construction

The New Way

  • RRun your jobsite with a Production tool, not just a schedule
  • REasily identify and correct Bottlenecks in Production
  • RMaterial Delays, Poor Labor Production, Schedule Forecast Risk
  • RReal time KPI's to Measure, Grade, and Take Action

The Construction Jobsite is all about Production. BlackHyve is an Agile Production tool built for the chaos of construction.

Eliminating the Silos of Construction

The Old Way

  • Q70% of projects miss their contracted completion date
  • Q42% Labor Productivity rate
  • Q50 years of no gain in Productivity


Master Schedule

Current Standard: Manual Gantt


Look Ahead Schedule

Current Standard: Spread Sheets


Phone Calls

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Our Features

Better Together

BlackHyve is a new Construction Management Solution focusing on 3 critical steps in the construction process, creating a schedule, controlling production, and communicating production plans to the subcontractors

History has shown construction in the United States has not had a productivity gain in over 50 years. The dominant tool and methodology to run a construction job site in 2022 is a Gantt Chart and Critical Path Method.  

If jobsite productivity has not increased in 50 years, can we all agree Gantt Charts and Critical Path Method are not working? BlackHyve’s 3 phased integrated philosophy will change the landscape of construction. 

  • RA Superintendent Tool
  • RA Jobsite Production Tool
  • RA New AI for construction Scheduling

Behind the BlackHyve AI

Leading methodologies of the past have not solved the complexities of construction, but combining them into one tool can.

Flowline Method

TAKT Method

Line of Balance Method

Earned Value Management

Critical Path Method

Last Planner Method

BlackHyve Scheduling AI

  • RMaster Schedule Creation 95% faster
  • RAuto generated activity Start and End Dates
  • RAuto generated activity dependencies
  • RAuto generated labor numbers per activity
  • RMaster and Lookahead Schedule as one
  • RLive Forecast of completion dates
  • RLive Production KPI's
  • RActionable controls to change the outcome

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