Features designed with efficiency in mind.

BlackHyve helps your teams work more efficiently to get things done on time.

See every task across all projects in one screen.

With access to every task across all of your projects its easy to find whats behind schedule and drill into get the details. With powerful filters for time period, contractor, and status you can slice and dice to find exactly the view you need.

An easily digestible Gantt schedule

For years, we’ve accepted that gantt charts are a necessary evil. Today, our gantt charts are cluttered, overwhelming to look at, and frustrating to use. So why do we use them at all? Well, they are amazing at showing tasks over time. Like a map of the project from start to finish. But we’ve been treating them like the junk drawer of the project. When every task gets the same amount of screen space and dependency lines are allowed to cover the page it becomes impossible to find meaning in the madness. It’s time to get organized. BlackHyve gives structure to your gantt so you see what you need to see when you need to see it. We’re putting the gantt back at the heart of your project.

Real time baselining.

Realtime baselining shows you exactly how your current progress matches up with what was planned so you can see how going over by 1 week today affects your substantial completion date and plan accordingly.

Notifications keep everyone in sync.

Effectively running a project means controlling the flow of information so everyone has the most up to date information they need to complete the task at hand. BlackHyve functions as a communication hub sending out emails, sms, and internal notifications so important details don't get lost to the universe.

See where the work is happening with a Location Breakdown Structure.

Flowing trades across the physical job site is crucial to finishing on time but traditional schedules make it hard to see how work is flowing on the gantt chart. BlackHyve lets you assign tasks directly to their locations making it easy to see who is working where and when.

Keep your schedule up to date with Jobwalks.

Superintendents are responsible for executing and tracking the work but most schedules today don't fit into a supers workflow meaning the schedule is rarely up to date. Jobwalks let supers record progress in the moment while they are walking the job and talking to subs.

Keep everyone using your best practice sequences.

Recipes make templating your companies commonly used work sequences a breeze. No more searching the company document hub for that one template file you know is for this type of project. Everything is organized and searchable right inside your schedule.

Get more than a new tool, we're a partner.

As a plumbing and heating contractor, we've lived the challenges that come from bad schedules. We're on a mission to make better schedules and that means building more than just a tool.

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